Saint Paul Parks | flowersGoals

In 2007, Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Deputy Mayor Ann Mulholland, and Parks and Recreation Director Bob Bierscheid came to the realization that the City of Saint Paul alone was not able to provide adequate funding for creative and expansive park enhancements.

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The following goals and strategies provide a roadmap for the Conservancy to develop effective fundraising programs, viable governance and systematic project management plans.


  • Raise visibility and increase the financial strength and sustainability of the organization.
  • Better serve stakeholders and advance our mission.
  • Strengthen relationships with public and private sector constituencies, partners and donors.
  • Focus on a list of high-impact strategies that offers community engagement and builds momentum from project to project.


SPPC is a visionary catalyst and a voice for vibrant public spaces. SPPC engages neighborhoods and leverages public and private resources to support projects and programs that have community engagement and momentum. These projects will be community gathering places that:

  • Attract and increase access for multiple participants
  • Honor and celebrate the diversity of Saint Paul
  • Promote the value of parks as essential to community health, wellbeing and prosperity, and
  • Provide activities and opportunities for people to meet, greet, recreate, learn, play and seek solitude

SPPC leadership and support is essential to develop, maintain and sustain valuable neighborhood assets for Saint Paul’s residents- today and into the future.