Investment Criteria

St. Paul Parks | MN

The Garden Club of America held their annual meeting in the Twin Cities from May 20-22. The group attended workshops, toured local gardens, entered plants in contests and were wined, dined and entertained at the Depot in downtown Minneapolis. The St. Paul Garden Club were in charge of dressing up Rice Park. So they planted pots, violas in the gardens and took the fountain statue titled “The Source”, dressed her up with ferns, leaves and flowers for the garden tour piece of the event. The event ended Sunday but visitors to Rice Park on Sunday afternoon were entralled with the creation and some asked why the city couldn’t keep this tradition going all the time. (Pioneer Press: Ginger Pinson)


The ideal projects for the Saint Paul Parks Conservancy investment are those of high quality, and:

  • Need to be done
  • Are ready to be activated
  • There is public appetite for the project
  • Inspire investment and funds can be leveraged
  • Partnerships can be harnessed
  • Can demonstrate success
  • Provides an opportunity for the Parks Conservancy to lead
  • Parks Conservancy funds are needed to make a significant difference while preserving our visibility and sustainability