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May 2017

Griggs St. park is focus

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Posted May 8, 2017

Apr. 28 saw a flurry of activity on proposed park land on Griggs St. south of University Ave. Minnesota Environmental Fund led an effort to bring together Gordon Parks High School students, senior citizens, HealthPartners staff, Skyline residents and Community Action Partnership-Ramsey Washington staff, in addition to other nonprofit employees. This action complements the City’s and the Trust for Public Land’s efforts to engage the community in planning the future park at that location. The group picked up litter, toured the area and discussed park ideas.

“Students and nearby residents came to us for help creating a park, and now they are sharing their dreams about this future park,” said Jenna Fletcher, program director at the Trust for Public Land. “We are grateful that Minnesota Environmental Fund is both bringing us together for this event and supporting our work creating parks for people. Getting to know each other through community events like this builds a caring community for years to come.”
Students at nearby Gordon Parks School identified the need for a park on Griggs, and are actively shaping its future. Students are excited about the park and have worked for years to make it a reality.

Paul Creager, Parks High Curriculum and Media Arts Coordinator, said, “Over the years promoting the park concept, Gordon Parks High School students have worked with Skyline Towers, the Lex-Ham community and other neighbors on cleanup efforts near the future park space. However, this event will be the biggest cleanup ever and a great way to meet more neighbors around the vibrant energy of the future park space.”

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