Celebrate Winter Carnival and compete for prizes with a park-based scavenger hunt Jan 28 – Feb 7.

Your friends and family can form a team to dig deeper into the capital city’s diverse parks with the Conservancy’s first-ever St Paul PARK-emon Go! Scavenger Hunt presented by 21st Century bank.  Only 100 teams can compete and as a Conservancy friend, you’ll have the first chance to sign up!

The game will be live from 5 p.m. Jan. 28 – 5 p.m. Feb 7th during the Winter Carnival. Your team can take the whole 10 days of carnival to complete some or all of the 30 missions. Missions will include text answers to questions about the city’s favorite parks, assignments to take a photo or video of your team at a specific park site, and missions to check in at others.

As “cabin fever” sets in this winter, St Paul PARK-emon Go! will be great way for your family to explore parks.

New Member Introduction Scott Arndt, introduced by his wife Dayle Quigley (the original “Kiss Cam Couple” from WinterSpark!). Scott was born in Sheboygan, WI (where they “fry out” and use a “bubbler” instead of a drinking fountain). He attended UW Madison and was a 6th grade science teacher for 25 years before retiring and opening a catering company. In 2020, Scott sold the business and is now retired full time in Saint Paul. Always giving and a fabulous host!