After tough deliberations, the first Saint Paul BARKS winner has been named – Penny Lane! (read more)

Here’s the scoop on our park system’s favorite pooch from her human family:

Penny Lane joined our family at the end of October, at 2 months old. She is a super friendly Golden Retriever. She loves making new friends, but if you don’t stop to pet her on her walks she will give you the stink-eye for a long time! You can frequently find Penny at Crosby Farm, Lilydale Park, or around her neighborhood in Mac-Groveland. Penny loves getting cuddles, chewing on sticks and playing chase with her human brother, Miles (6) and human sister, Vivien (3). When Penny was young and a little “bitey,” Vivien would remind Penny, “I’m your human sister. You don’t bite humans!”

With a little extra time around the house, we thought now would be a great time for a new puppy. Through Instagram, I learned a high school friends’ mom was breeding Golden Retrievers and the rest was history!

Since the age of two, my son has insisted that we listen to the Beatles in the car. So it came pretty naturally to us that we should have a Beatles themed name.  Penny Lane is the 4th puppy that joined our block in the month of October. Penny often has puppy playdates with our neighbor puppies, Frances a Great Pyrenees and Pippin a Yellow English Lab.

Penny is currently five and a half months old. We are excited to see how big she will get. She likes to hold her own leash when she goes for walks. If she’s not holding her own leash she is holding a stick or a ball. When I told Miles that Penny won the park contest he cheered Penny on and said, “Congrats Penny! You won! You are now the President of the parks!” 


Pondie, Mark, Miles, Vivien and Penny