100 teams combed St Paul Parks during Winter Carnival to compete for the big prize!

St Paul PARKEmon Go! was the Conservancy’s first partnership with Winter Carnival and boy did the teams who entered have fun. We loved the reaction of Kjerste Villars, who participated in all three hunts and wrote a blog post about her experience. “St. Paul has a Sculpture Garden, Chinese Pavilion, and an Arboretum, who knew?!?”

The winner of the $800 prize package (which includes ski, snowshoe and kayak rentals, golf, and lunch at City House to keep your family enjoying Saint Paul’s parks all year long) is Matt Koskie and friends of Team STAT.

They have been winners of the Pioneer Press medallion hunt in the past but when they learned about our Scavenger Hunt and ended up spending more time exploring parks than looking for the Medallion!

Many thanks to our scavenger sponsor 21st Century Bank!