Contribute Dogecoin and other currencies to build this park!

Dogecoin is a virtual currency similar to Bitcoin that is getting huge attention these days since Elon Musk joined the movement.

The Dogecoin mascot is a Shina Ibu dog and Dogecoin collectors are very philanthropic, so we thought, why not a “Doge Park” for our furry friends.

The off-lease dog area will be part of Lower Landing Park. Since parks are for all, we won’t turn away any breed of dog, nor any form of currency (yes, even that old green paper you might still have in your wallet!)

But, the challenge is on to the Dogecoin community! Contribute enough “coin” and you and your mascot can be honored on everything from the welcome gate to benches and a sculpture. Watch this channel for your link to donate Dogecoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.