Be part of the first ever public infrastructure project funded by Dogecoin! Saint Paul Parks Conservancy has now expanded our donation options to include cryptocurrency. If we reach our $250,000 fundraising goal, the City of Saint Paul will build a real-life DogePark, free and open to all humans and doges! Much Wow! 

Although this project is called DogePark, this fundraiser is open to other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

If the fundraising goal is not met, the funds will still go towards building a dog park, it just won’t have the shiba inu themed signage. Less wow, but still great news for doges!

What is Dogecoin? It’s the Do Only Good Everyday cryptocurrency known for its helpful, philanthropic community and “favored by shiba inus worldwide”. 

All gifts of cryptocurrency will go toward the new Dog Park. Give today and get serious wags!