New Hamline Park Play Area Completed

by | Oct 26, 2021

Community feedback led to including accessible equipment.

A new playground with accessible equipment opened in Hamline Park this month. The play area includes four new swings (one of which is wheelchair accessible), five slides, climbers to access the play equipment and a climbable frog for participants ages 2 to 5. Other accessible elements, such as a deck from the ground level on the largest structure, make it inclusive for all participants. New safety surfacing and drains underneath the play area keep the space dry.

“Our parks and recreation centers offer safe, healthy, and enriching spaces for our entire community,” said Mayor Melvin Carter in a statement. “The new additions to Hamline Park expand opportunities for children and families in our city to play, learn, grow, and thrive.”

The playground was funded by community development block grant. The $373,000 budget covered the playground equipment, installation, safety resurfacing, new pavement and infrastructure upgrades.

Upcoming fundraising efforts will install more tables, benches, a new park sign and public art.